Will my candle fill up my whole house with fragrance?

That depends on the size of the candle & the size of your home. They are best for small to medium rooms like a bedroom, bathroom or enclosed living room. If your place is a modest size, then some of our stronger scents should be able to fill up the majority of your place. If you live in a mansion (go you!!) then I would suggest buying more than one.

Why does my candle appear to have wet spots?

This is caused from wax pulling away as the candle cools. Sometimes it cools at different speeds in different sides of the candle. This will not in any way, shape or form affect the performance of the candle.

Why did my candle go from a white appearance to a yellowish appearance?

This is due to the fragrance oils used. Some are clear & some have a yellowish color to them. This can also be caused by natural or artificial light at some point. Fragrances with vanillin & citrus scents will develop that yellow tint.

My candle is producing a high flame/ black smoke, help! 

This will happen when not enough of the black sooty stuff is taken off the wick after the initial burn. I have found that using nail clippers will work best. Yes, you may use your fingers, but if you light it & this occurs, please use a clipper! 

My candle seems to be sweating, why?

This happens with any natural wax; all soy wax will frost over time. & remember, during the warm weather, we are located in VERY sunny Las Vegas. However, this will not affect the way the candle performs.

Why does the top of my candle have a rough surface?

This is very common with soy wax. Although we do work with a coconut soy blend, which is known to produce a very smooth top, it can sometimes have that rough look. Lucky for you I have my handy dandy heat gun. If needed, I will smooth it out before being shipped! I try my hardest to ship candles out with the smoothest tops possible, but I feel like sometimes the original pour shows it was not manufactured in a factory, in big batches, but rather in a cozy home, with time & care.

I received my package but it’s damaged, what do I do?

 If this was to happen, please send me a picture of the product as soon as you can, & I will gladly replace it with the same item. I try to package as best as I can, & even though sometimes that is not enough, or mishaps were to occur when the package is with the carrier, I truly do want you to enjoy your items & have the best experience possible. Click here to contact us today!

 & please remember, these scents are my interpretations. Scents are subjective & we all have a different preference. So please, please read the descriptions, & if you’re still unsure, try our mini candles! They are the perfect way to sample our candles.