About Us

Created in a small home in Las Vegas, Nevada, E & V Candle Co. started as a project for a special person coming into our lives. 
As my sister was preparing for her first baby, we were throwing around ideas of baby shower favors. One of the things that stood out to me were candles. I was definitely sure that was a task I could easily do, without failing. 
Little did I know, candle making is not only art but it is science. There is more to it than just melting, mixing & pouring. Needless to say that the candles were a no-go, I was intrigued by the process & I kept working at it.
After MANY failed attempts, I was very discouraged. Did it stop me? No, but it made me work harder to find out why I couldn't get a perfect candle. That is when I came across one of our suppliers. I loved what they stood for, the promise of what their products consisted of & how they were willing to teach others how to achieve their goals.
I ordered a whole bunch of stuff & after my first attempt I was sold. I made a couple of candles for the people I loved & their feedback was amazing. So that's when I thought, why not share it with the world?

Besides providing nontoxic & eco friendly products, E & V Candle Co. makes a point to donate a portion of our sales to various charities.

Our first big donation was made to Hope Border Institute. We were able to donate 15% of our December sales to this wonderful institute. 

We also contribute through Amazon Smile. If you're not familiar with that, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of our eligible purchases to the organization of our choice.